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Septic Tanks North West was founded in 2004 by my father Allan and I. For the first 2 years we start by doing maintenance and it was at this point we bought our first Kubota digger and started landscaping and doing drainage works.

We had many happy years doing this and learning and delivering jobs for our customers. As the business progressed we needed to purchase more machines to keep up with demand.

Around 7 years ago we met a drainage expert called Paul Usher who worked for Hutchinson Environmental, we started to discuss drainage and how they needed an installer who listened and wanted to install the right tanks for the customers.

As a consequence of this meeting we shortly after installed a Graf One to clean 5 population tanks at a property in Borwick.

This was the start of what we now do and continue to enjoy. Over the past few years we have installed many sewage treatment plants, from graf, wpl, biorock and klargester, across the north west. This is as well as our as drainage field work.

As a company this has led us to we’re we are today; still family owned and run with a small, professional team who are passionate about delivering a job where the customer is happy with the plant and work delivered.

We consider this one of the most important ingredients to a successful business.

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Updated: July 27, 2020

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