How Long Do Septic Tanks Last For?

Septic tanks are important for your home’s sanitation

Septic tanks are very important in the sanitation of your home. They play a vital role in keeping water flowing through your plumbing system by filtering out impurities and unwanted particles. Without a septic tank, your pipes will not be able to properly function. If you are worried about how long they last or when it is time for a replacement, read on to find the answer you are looking for!

How long do septic tanks last before they need to be replaced

The life span of a septic tank is around 20-25 years. You can tell when your septic tank needs to be replaced by checking the level of effluent coming from it. If the effluent has a very strong smell, you should call a professional immediately to replace it. This means that there is something wrong with the septic tank and that it should be replaced.

Signs that a septic tank needs to be replaced

There are many signs of when you need to replace your septic tank. The first sign is if there has been a sudden change in the smell of the effluent. If you notice this, it will be time to get it replaced. Another sign is if your monthly maintenance costs have increased dramatically. In addition, you may notice an unusual amount of wastewater in the yard or water coming from your floor drains. These are also indicators that the septic tank needs to be replaced.

Types of replacement options when you have a failing septic tank

When it is time to replace your septic tank, there are three options that you will have. The first option is to find a company that specializes in septic tanks and hire them to do the job. The other two options are to buy or build your own septic tank. You should always consider getting an expert opinion before buying or building one yourself, as this can save you money and time if done properly. Septic Tanks Northwest is a company that can replace your septic tank across the Northwest.

How Are Septic Tanks Cleaned?

How Long Does it Take to Install a Septic Tank?

The typical installation of a septic tank takes between one to three days. It can be done by a professional or with the help of a few friends depending on how big the tank is. When installing your septic tank, it is best to have someone present who has experience with this type of project. Once the septic tank is in place, you can begin filling it with a perforated pipe that will lead to a perforated drain field. The pipe should be continuously filled with water for around four hours so that pressure can build up properly in the lines. This is important because once the ground thaws, water will start streaming into the pipe and create more pressure for the system. If this is not done, it can cause a blockage to form and block water from entering into the lines. To learn more about septic tanks or how they work, feel free to contact Septic Tanks Northwest today!

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Updated: November 10, 2021

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